Constructive works reconstruction (19 items) at the section of railroad Khasan Station (the RF) - Tumengan Station (North Korea) Rajin Station (North Korea) Rajin Port (North Korea).


The bridge deck overall repair on the bridge across the Tumannaya river at Khasan station (the RF) - Tumangan station (North Korea) haul.


Pre-plan study of the engineering structures at the railway section Khasan station (the RF) - Tumangan station (North Korea) Rajin station (North Korea).


Modernization of the motorway bridge across the Ligovsky channel at the siding motorway Western direction to ZAO YIT Lentech (for the special loads passing).


Construction of the line of rail high-speed passenger transport in the Vidnoye-Butovo-Shcherbinka-Moscow direction. The first stage - the site from the railway station Butovo before northern departure of mdt. Bobrovo. Railway tracks in the territory of the Moscow region.


Construction of the Central Ring Road of the Moscow region (with the subsequent operation on a paid basis). A start-up complex (a construction stage) No. 5 (SC 19+13,97 SC 841+00,00) the I turn of construction.


Reconstruction of artificial constructions of the railway site of the station Hassan (the RF) Tumengan Station (North Korea) Rajin Station (North Korea) Rajin Port (North Korea) not undergone rescue and recovery operations.


Restoration of the railway overpass on an access road of the station Aviatsionnaya-Eganovo (Ramensky GOK).


Construction of the covered crosswalk between buildings of DTsUP to the address of SPB. Nevsky Ave. 85, lit. D and the dining room to the address of SPB, Nevsky Ave. 85, lit. A, B.