General DirectorDrapezo Alexey Valerjevich
First Deputy General DirectorNovikov Alexandr Leonidovich
Deputy General DirectorKorostelev Denis Vladimirovich, Cand. Tech. Sci.
Chief EngineerKraskovskiy Vasiliy Evgenievich, Cand. Tech. Sci.

- Project management Department;
- Designing preparation Department;
- Engineering surveys and buildings and constructions surveying Department;
- Architectural-constructive Department;
- Engineer-technical provision Department;
- Communication lines and constructions Department;
- Bridges and tunnels Departement;
- Construction structuring projection Department;
- General planning Department;
- Research and development Department;
- Document's reproduction, accounting and storage Departement;
- Estimating Department;
- Accounting Department.

Specialists of the organization have collected a sufficient positive experience in passing government expert review of engineering surveys and project documentation, as well as in construction design supervision and documents preparation for commissioning of equipment, that can be required by a Customer.

AO LenGiprostroys specialists are constantly working over the perfection of their professional level; they attend refresher courses, take part in research and practice conferences, seminars; they are involved on an expert basis in the evaluation of project decisions taken by other companies.